Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wherein we get craft related

 So, sometimes I have trouble corralling my scattered brain into writing [semi] coherent blog entries.  I usually don't have trouble thinking of things to write about.  Obviously, my preferred topic is Myself. *
 But sometimes, there are things I really shouldn't share, for the sake of my nearest and dearest, my own vague sense of propriety, or because, suprisingly, no one really wants to read about menstrual clots. 
Also sometimes I type an entry all fast and furious and go back and do the pre-pub read and think "Whoa. That is some crazy/mean/unbelievably boring shit, even for me".  So I don't publish it, in the interest of my own personal safety and my continuing desire to not be institutionalized.

But apparently the whole point of this blog thing is to have an interwebs presence, and one that people like reading**.  At some point, once I figure out how to post pictures, I fully intend to concentrate [at least sometimes] on my works in progress, and also amusing/adorable/random photos of my dog. *** On reading through my previous entries, I've also realized that there is a serious dearth of crafty-ness in most of my entries.  Yes.  I really AM that self absorbed, that I can start a blog meant to talk about my OWN work, and yet ignore said work in favor of extreme navel gazing and smart ass remarks. 

So in order to 1. Force myself to write more regularly about 2. Things that do not always have to do with how fabulously insane I am and bring a more 3. Artsy crafty vibe to my posts, I intend to start writing some reviews of craft books.  I used to review books professionally, which in libraryspeak meant that I reviewed them for big name library professional magazines who, in the general spirit of librarianship, did not actually pay you money.  Although, it was totally cool to get so many galleys, and I admit that the first time one of my reviews was quoted on the back cover of the book,  I squealed and jumped up and down in the aisle at Barnes and Noble.

Also, this gives me a totally legitimate excuse to buy more books.  Excellent.

* Fine, it is my ONLY topic.  As if you didn't find me as least as fascinating as I do, if for no other reason than reading my blog makes everyone else feel that much better about their own lives.

** Admittedly, most often because of reasons detailed in the previous footnote, and because they can supply themselves with more blackmail material

*** Amusing, adorable, and very much NOT random to me.  Pretend they are likewise to you.  Remember, if you have children, people have been doing this for you for years.

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