Friday, April 30, 2010

Too distracted to come up with a title

Has anyone noticed that this is the third entry and I am still writing backstory?  I'm sorry.  I suppose I should have explained that I have ADHD*.  So sometimes I get distracted ** and off topic and it takes me a long time to settle down and focus and get to the point.  Plus, I get all wrapped up in trying to work things out from start to finish, and then, my non linear mind takes over and ......Whoa.  Totally forgot what I was talking about.


Okay.  ADHD is funny, but it is also annoying. Because some days, my brain really can't settle down and focus on one thing, and then other days, it gets so focused on one thing that I can't think about ANYTHING else.  Right now, that one thing is the fact that I can't find the pieces of a doll dress that I cut out and sewed together several months ago, but I want to finish the doll.  Naturally, I should just make a new dress and finish the doll which might take an hour or two.  But instead, every time I go into my studio I spend another hour unpacking boxes looking for the damn dress.  And then I sit down and think "Ok, just start this over", so then I spend about 30 minutes picking out the fabric for the dress, and then wonder, what about trims...and then OOOOO but if I did THAT then I would have to change her shoes.....wait a minute, what about painting her

See?  So I might as well just be looking for the other dress, because all of those decisions have already been made.   And that is the real thing about having ADHD that slows me down.  Too many choices.  What I should do in order to push myself into a final burst of production before my first art fair next weekend, is take my sewing machine, my OTT Lite, and one small box of beads and doll supplies and go stay in a cabin in the woods with no internet, cable, or phone for the next week.  

Oh and my iron.  I'd need my iron.  And really, that means my ironing board.  And then maybe an extension cord.  Actually, two, in case I need one for the sewing machine....Um, three....OTT Lite.....Ooooo, definitely have to remember my spare OTT Lite bulbs, because the one that's in there is like, three years old....and I'd have to take them all because if I take just one it'll be the exact wrong one.....and I've been meaning to pick up an extra light bulb for my sewing machine, which reminds me, I still need to get some more sewing machine needles and bobbins, which means I'll have to go to Bedford, because I am pretty sure they have a Viking husqvarna dealer.....

Even later.....

Damn.  I was too distracted to even finish this entry.  I started thinking of all the things I'd have to take with me if I went on a self imposed craft retreat, and then I realized that by the time I finished packing the car I could have finished three dolls.    Not to mention, I would have to, like, pay to stay somewhere with money I have not yet even earned.

 Now it is actually the next day, and I'm not very pleased to report that my burst of looking for things went on for much of the rest of yesterday on into the night.  I did not find what I was looking for, but I did find four dolls that I knew I hadn't sold, so I am counting that as "finishing" them.  Shut up.  It does so count.

*No, really. I do. Like, diagnosed by doctors and crap.  But not the kind where I am a little kid running around in circles...the kind that women and girls get, which is more daydreamy, and involves stuff that women are SUPPOSED to do, like multitask, and reading nine books at once and starting seven hundred projects and maybe finishing four and not being able to keep my mouth shut pretty much on pain of death and not using punctuation because my brain can't be bothered to pause like that and.....Ok. Got it?

** See previous footnote

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