Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting around my own brain

Ok I have realized something about myself.....and you know how I hate that.

I should never end a post with "I'm going to talk about something next time" because what that means is that
1. I will put off writing another post even longer than usual, apparently because
2. Now that I've stated my objective to write/think about something in particular, my mind goes absolutely blank on that subject
3. By the time I DO work up enough guilt/energy/level of ADD meds in my system to write about that subject, it is so much later that no one cares anyway
4. And, by procrastinating so long about whatever said topic was in the first place, I've now probably thought of eight other really good things to write about, and not done them because I kept telling myself, "No, you have to write about that other thing first" and so then I forget what all of those things were.

So.  New rules for blogging:

1. Just fucking WRITE whatever comes into my head at that moment.
2. Don't make any rules.

Whoa. I feel like, all light and free now!

Wait, that might just be because I don't have anything on under my robe. Never mind.

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